is a penny auction and group deal service. is a great way for you to save up to 90% on items you want using our penny auction. We offer several ways to accomplish this goal.

Penny Auction: Penny auctions are a great way to get high priced items at deep discounts. Penny auctions are very popular, consumers use sites like to save hundreds on high priced electronics and gift certificates. We use it for hair. To learn more about penny auctions, please google “penny auctions”.

Hello everyone,

This is likely the most innovative penny auction service on the web. (hook up) sets it’s self apart from other penny auction services with a number of great features.

1.) is a seated auction.

This means we require a number of participants to be seated in the auction before the auction can start. This also guarantees the cost of the item up for auction is covered.

2.) Closed Auctions:

When the auction starts, new participants can’t jump in. This means if the auction started with 20 participants, it will NEVER grow to 21+ participants. This also makes for MUCH faster auctions.


Pay only the cost required to take a seat in the auction. If an auction costs $5 to take a seat, that’s all you have to pay $5. You don’t have to buy $60 in bids to get started. Each time you place a bid $0.45 is debited from your auction fee.


You can make a profit by hosting your own penny auctions. This means you could go to your local best buy today, pick up a brand new google tv then put it up for auction on and make a profit.

You’ll make a profit even from items you bought at retail. Because our auctions are seated auctions, you are guaranteed to earn a profit as long as all the seats in the auction are filled.

The really cool part of being able to host your own auctions means you can now auction off your services. Graphic designers, hair stylists, web developers, videographers and more are auctioning their services now on $2,500 of web development could be won for as little as $50.

Being able to host your own penny auctions is also GREAT for current penny auction services worried about their current risk model. You can use to focus on a handful of profitable items rather than trying to manage an entire site.

There are free auctions daily for fandango movie tickets and a $25 victoria’s secret gift card.

Please come on through. Try out our service and offer us your feedback on this forum. Let us know of any features you think could make penny auctions better.

Our #1 goal is to have our members walk away from every auction without regretting the value of their efforts.

We think penny auctions have a real future in the consumer market. We can vividly see folks bidding for a full order of groceries or dinner dates, or for a plumber, or car mechanic. – Domain for sales

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If you interest, pls contact: +84905 88 91 88

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