(Download) WP Rocket – Best WordPress caching plugins to Speed up Website (2019)

(Download) WP Rocket – Best WordPress caching plugins to Speed up Website (2019)

(Download) WP Rocket – Best WordPress caching plugins to Speed up Website (2019)

WordPress caching can be complicated and some might even call it boring. Trying to explain the details of such a complex technology might take a full book. However, we can break down the idea of caching by comparing it to a simple math problem. What’s 10 times 2? Most people can immediately tell you the answer is 20. Why is that? They’ve memorized the answer. In fact, there’s probably a minimal amount of calculation going on their head. This type of memorization comparison is definitely simplifying website caching, but it helps us visualize how the process works and why you might need a WordPress caching plugin.

Your website may be viewed dozens of times each month. Maybe you see even higher numbers, in the hundreds, thousands, or millions. Seeing as how your website is most likely serving up the same, or similar, content on a regular basis, wouldn’t it be nice if the server could remember those files to serve up your website every time?

Caching Explained

In short, every webpage visited on your site requires a request to the server, processing by that server (including database queries), then a final result sent from the server to the user’s browser. The result is your website, complete with all of the files and elements that make it look the way it does. For instance, you might have a header, images, a menu, and a blog. Since the server has to process all of those requests, it takes some time for the complete webpage to be delivered to the user–especially with clunky or larger websites.

When Do You Need a WordPress Caching Plugin?

We talked a bit about speed, but do you always need a WordPress caching plugin? And what are some of the other benefits of caching?

Those are some excellent questions, and for those of you managing your own servers or are on shared hosting, a caching plugin usually makes perfect sense.

Disadvantages of Caching Plugins

However, sometimes you don’t need a caching plugin at all. If you decide on a managed WordPress host like Vinadomain, we take care of caching for you. Caching is done at the server-level, and in most cases, in a much faster manner. Compared to a plugin, the server-level caching requires no expertise, no tweaking dozens of settings trying to achieve the fastest speeds; it’s simply fast all the time!

We don’t allow most caching plugins on our platform as they deteriorate performance. There are a lot of things that can simply go wrong with caching plugins unless you know what you’re doing.

You Always Need Some Type of Caching

Regardless of whether you have server-level caching or go with a plugin, you’ll always need caching in some form. So, what are some of the other benefits of caching?

  • You speed up your website for users – We already covered this, but it’s nice to mention again since it’s the primary advantage.
  • You improve your overall user-experience – Since the website moves faster for users they are now more likely to browse around. Faster websites are known for decreasing bounce rates, since people are not interested in waiting around for a page to load for 10 seconds.
  • Your server uses fewer resources – This ties into speed, since the fewer resources make for a faster site. However, it also puts less of a strain on your server. This is very important when it comes to highly dynamic sites, such as membership sites, and determining what you can and cannot serve from cache.
  • You may see a boost in search engine optimization – Once again, this relates to the speed and user experience, but with all of those areas improving you’re able to show Google and other search engines that your website is worth indexing at a higher ranking. Basically, a fast website + a great UX = SEO improvement.
  • You’ll see lower TTFB – Caching is one of the easiest ways to lower your TTFB. In fact, in our tests caching typically reduces TTFB by up to 90%! 😮

No Caching vs With Caching

We ran a few speed tests with Vinadomain’s server-level caching so you can see the difference it makes, both in terms of overall speed and TTFB.

No Caching Speed Test

We first ran 5 tests on Pingdom without caching enabled and took the average.

No WordPress caching (speed test)

No WordPress caching (speed test)

With Caching Speed Test

We then enabled server-level caching and ran 5 tests on Pingdom and took the average.

WordPress caching (speed test)

WordPress caching (speed test)

As you can see server-level caching decreased our page load time by 23.04%! And that’s without any extra work involved. This site we tested is also fairly optimized, so larger unoptimized sites are bound to see even greater differences.

No Caching TTFB

As we mentioned earlier, it’s also important to note the difference in TTFB without and with caching. TTFB in Pingdom is represented by the yellow “waiting” bar. As you can see the TTFB with no caching is over 200 ms.

High TTFB with no caching

High TTFB with no caching

With Caching TTFB

Now if we take a look at the TTFB with caching enabled we can see that it is under 40 ms.

Low TTFB with caching enabled

Low TTFB with caching enabled

The Best WordPress Caching Plugins

If you intend on managing your own server or are using shared hosting, these are the caching plugins to try out. Some of them are more intuitive than others, but all of them have great reviews. Many online posts will try to compare the speeds of caching plugins and sell you on the best one. However, this is almost impossible because these plugins are going to perform differently based on your own server, configuration, resources, and even physical location.

We love speed tests just as much as the next person, but deeming a plugin as “the fastest” is also unfair to the plugin’s author, as what works best for one user, might not for another. Not to mention there are hundreds of different settings that could be enabled or disabled. Therefore, you should always test WordPress caching plugins yourself.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a premium WordPress caching plugin with three payment plans offered. You technically only have to pay for a one-time fee, but the support and updates are included if you keep the payments going for every year. That said, caching for one website is listed at $39, with support for three websites at $99 and unlimited websites for $199. Although you can find other free plugins, these are quality rates for one of the most feature-packed caching plugins on the market. There is no free trial or free version of the plugin, but the developers do offer a 14-day money back guarantee.

One of the reasons we like the WP Rocket plugin so much is because of its simple user interface and quick setup. It’s a WordPress caching plugin with the power to make your site blazing fast, but any beginner could sit down and understand most of the settings involved.

WP Rocket WordPress caching plugin

WP Rocket WordPress caching plugin

It’s also nice that WP Rocket is built to run smoothly with eCommerce websites, seeing as how those are often the types of sites that need the caching speed most. Overall, you might be wondering why you should shell out any money for a WordPress caching plugin when so many other competitors give away caching plugins for free. The reasoning is because WP Rocket has far more features and it’s easier to use.

For instance, WP Super Cache has page caching but no browser caching. WP Rocket has both. Hyper Cache lacks lazyload, something that WP Rocket provides to you. The list goes on, but it’s important to remember that the $39 is a small price to pay for the features provided.

Why is this one of the best WordPress caching plugins?

  • WP Rocket provides a developer-friendly experience and a dashboard for beginners to feel comfortable. It’s not too often developers have much to play around with inside caching plugins. On the other hand, standard caching plugins sometimes look far too complicated for beginners.
  • The plugin has an extremely simple setup for all users.
  • Database optimization is included for cleaning up your database and removing the number of resources being used.
  • You can lazyload your media with WP Rocket. This means that the images don’t load on your website until the user scrolls over them. So the server doesn’t have to put the work in if it’s not necessary.
  • CloudFlare compatibility is provided for speeding up your site even more.
  • WP Rocket integrates with some of the top multilingual plugins on the market.
  • Multisite compatibility is offered through the plugin.
  • You can preload cache.
  • You receive tools for both minification and concatenation.
  • One unique feature involves the optimization of Google Fonts. I’ve yet to see this on any of the other caching plugins I’ve used.
  • Support for object caching.
  • WP Rocket is fully compatible with Vinadomain’s server-level caching. So if you want to take advantage of all the optimization features WP Rocket has to offer you can do so. Check out how you can use WP Rocket at Vinadomain.

Check out the official WP Rocket documentation when configuring and testing it on your WordPress site.

Download Link WP Rocket – Best WordPress caching plugins to Speed up Website (2019)



WP Rocket – Plugin Caching Tăng Tốc Cho WordPress Tốt Nhất 2019

WP Rocket là gì?

WP Rocket là plugin tạo cache làm cho WordPress tải nhanh chỉ trong vài cú nhấp chuột, nó tối ưu hóa hiệu suất WordPress, giao diện thân thiện với người mới bắt đầu, vẫn cung cấp chức năng chuyển sâu hơn mà người dùng cao cấp sẽ yêu thích. Được các chuyên gia WordPress công nhận là plugin caching mạnh mẽ nhất.

(Download) WP Rocket – Best WordPress caching plugins to Speed up Website (2019)
(Download) WP Rocket – Best WordPress caching plugins to Speed up Website (2019)

Tính năng của WP Rocket

Một plugin bộ nhớ cache đầy đủ đi kèm với nhiều tính năng:

    • Bộ nhớ đệm của tất cả các trang để xem nhanh
    • Bộ nhớ đệm cho khách truy cập di động
    • Bộ nhớ đệm cho người dùng đã đăng nhập
    • Tải trước bộ nhớ cache của các trang
    • Giảm số lượng yêu cầu HTTP để giảm thời gian tải
    • Giảm mức sử dụng băng thông với nén GZIP
    • Áp dụng các tiêu đề bộ nhớ đệm trình duyệt tối ưu (hết hạn)
    • Thu nhỏ và ghép các tệp JS và CSS
    • Xóa chuỗi truy vấn khỏi tệp CSS và JS
    • Tải hình ảnh bị trì hoãn (LazyLoad)
    • Tải chậm các tệp JavaScript
    • Tạo CSS đường dẫn quan trọng và tải các tệp CSS bị trì hoãn
    • Tối ưu hóa cơ sở dữ liệu
    • Kiểm soát API nhịp tim của WordPress
    • Tìm nạp trước DNS
    • Tích hợp CDN
    • Tích hợp đám mây
    • Tích hợp Sucuri
    • Lưu trữ tệp Google Analytics cục bộ
    • Lưu trữ tệp Facebook Pixel cục bộ
    • Dễ dàng nhập / xuất cài đặt
    • Dễ dàng quay trở lại phiên bản trước
(Download) WP Rocket – Best WordPress caching plugins to Speed up Website (2019)
(Download) WP Rocket – Best WordPress caching plugins to Speed up Website (2019)

Link tốc độ cao WP Rocket v3.3.3.1

Vì wp rocket là plugin thương mại nên mình sẽ không đưa link trực tiếp ở đây. Nếu bạn có điều kiện thì truy cập trang //wp-rocket.me/pricing/ để mua bản quyền. Còn nếu không có điều kiện vui lòng để lại địa chỉ email/ comment hoặc điền thông tin theo mẫu dưới, mình sẽ gửi cho bạn.

Nếu bạn thích bài viết “(Download) WP Rocket – Best WordPress caching plugins to Speed up Website (2019)” vui lòng comment bên dưới và chia sẻ cho mọi người cùng đọc. Cảm ơn bạn đã theo dõi bài viết. Và nếu bạn muốn copy bài viết vui lòng trích dẫn nguồn: https://vinadomain.vn/download-wp-rocket-3-3-3-1-best-wordpress-caching-plugins-to-speed-up-website-2019.html

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